Methods of Mining Efforts Mining Business Field, Problems and Challenges

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There are several problems in the way the mineral and coal mining business sector works (minerba), namely: the direction of the mineral and coal mining legal political arrangement that tends to change from time to time, policies that do not lead and defend the demands of the lives of the people, areas and development that prolonged.

Some of these dilemmas leave room for legal uncertainty in the business sector for short-term or long-term investment, which then becomes the attention of all managers of needs in the mining sector. This dilemma was raised in a dialogue linked to “The Minerba Mining Business Sector.

Problems and Challenges” in the Focus Team Discussion (FGD) activity organized by the Center for Energy and Mining Law Research (Pushep), in the Pancoran area, Jakarta. Doctor. Ir. Lukman Malanuang as the reporter said that based on his character, the type of natural energy base consists of renewable natural energy sources.

The base of non-renewable natural energy, which will slowly run out if it is then penetrated through research and utilization activities. Mining activities are activities that are included in the type of exploitation of non-renewable natural energy sources. If the activity is always tried without management policies with limited methods.

Until the base of the natural energy can no longer be experienced by the next generation. Furthermore, Lukman Malanuang said, it would be unfortunate if this matter was tried not based on wise, logical, and prolonged use of natural resources (the principle of prudent, rational and sustainable use of natural resources).

So this activity will only cause economic inequality, inequality, and regional destruction. Lukman Malanuang emphasized that there is a big problem if you mismanage mining activities, namely that there are areas or areas remaining from mining land that cannot be reused.

The impact of mining activities that leave large, deep – gaping holes – emerges from mining activities. This dilemma is often associated with the oath of origin of natural energy. So that this oath does not occur, the arrangements for the management and exploitation of natural energy sources must be based on law and equality.

This arrangement is intended to optimize the ability of the economic figure to be obtained which is much larger, resulting in the greatest abundance of people. Economic figures from mining activities can be obtained from direct or indirect income. This direct income originates from taxes, payments, dividends, or non-tax state income.

There are also indirect economic impacts from mining activities, namely in the form of a domino impact (multiplier effect) on mining financing, such as local community participation in activities in the mining zone, increasing community safety from trading activities in mining areas.

What is obtained from efforts to buy and sell the main desire to the field of ordinary moving business in the mining zone. Such a large rotation of economic figures can only be obtained if the regulation covers the entire economic capacity derived from mining activities. This is reminiscent of mining activities.

Covers some or all levels of activity in the research, management and exploitation of mineral or coal which includes ordinary tracking, investigation, feasibility research, architecture, mining, processing and refining, transportation and marketing, and post-mining activities.

Therefore, the regulation of mining activities, which is currently being drafted in the Minerba Bill or in the Draft Law on Creating Activities, is expected to cover the desires and challenges that exist. The arrangement with a thorough analysis aims to bring to one of the country’s goals, safety for all Indonesians.

For Lukman Malanuang, saying that Norway is one illustration of a country that can optimize the ability of its natural energy base for the abundance of its people. To achieve this goal, Norway practices a transparent and participatory policy in its policy-making process.

This method reflects honest action since the way of legislation. This method should be imitated by Indonesia in the way of legislation, especially in the mineral and coal zone. Meanwhile, the way legislation in Indonesia is currently being highly respected and closed. This can be seen in the review of the Notes on the Recording of Problems (DIM) of the Minerba Bill which should be accessible to ordinary citizens.

For Lukman Malanuang, this method proves that it is actually the beginning of the formation of a corrupt attitude in Indonesia. Based on the various cases that have been described previously, the biggest challenge in the future is actually reviewing the legal politics of this zone.

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