Softewore Type Based on Distribution

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Software or software is usually made by a specific industry to provide a service related to fulfilling consumer desires. Furthermore, the types of software that are distinguished are based on the application distribution method.

1. Shareware or Trialware

Shareware is a type of application that is distributed free of charge by developers for the specific purpose of selling an application. Shareware generally has limited features from other types made by developers. In this case, the majority of shareware is in the trial and lite type. In the trial type, consumers are given a time limit to use shareware.

  • The illustration: Internet Download Manager.

2. Commercial Software

Commercial applications are types of applications that are distributed for a fee to obtain an installation package and use a special certificate for each PC or consumer account. Commercial applications have the support of legal entities related to the policy of distributing applications under the hands of consumers.

  • Illustrations: Microsoft Office, Corel, and MATLAB.

3. Freeware or Free Software

Freeware is a type of application that is distributed free by developers. Freeware provides full types to consumers. Freeware does not require a special certificate to use which is provided by Zendesk Partner Indonesia.

  • Illustration: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

4. Firmware

Firmware is an application that targets a program that provides instructions below that a hardware feature (hardware) can try. Firmware is distributed free of charge and is tested for innovation regularly when bugs occur. Firmware hidden in ROM cannot be tested for innovation, otherwise firmware hidden in EEPROM can be tested for innovation.

  • Illustration: Arduino firmware.

5. Open Source Software

An open source application or open code software feature is a type of application whose source code (source code) is distributed free of charge by the developer. In contrast to freeware that is obtained for free but always has a legal obligation to not redistribute or plagiarize.

Open source applications can be redistributed and modified freely by consumers for free or profitably without special certificates. Open source applications are generally developed by an industry with the support of participation by the community or specialized agencies.

  • Illustration: WordPress and Linux.
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